Miracles in Cuba

Miracles in Cuba

By Henry & Arleen Stubbs

Recently a group from Weimar Academy in the US state of California, traveled to hold evangelistic campaigns in the city of Mantua, in West Cuba. The meetings had just barely begun when an immigration official in the town came to the house church where one of the groups was preaching and vehemently declared, “You can’t be here. You can’t stay in this house; this is a house and not a church. You can’t preach here. You can’t hold these meetings. You need to come down to the police station today and tomorrow you must depart our City. We will call the central government, even the minister of religious affairs, Caridad Diego, and tell her you are in our city and being disobedient. You are not obeying our laws.” The group leader tried to explain, but the official would not listen to any explanations. His word was final.

Weimar Academy and the World Youth Group (WYG) mission team prayed in earnest before departing for the police station. In the meantime, they called Pastor Samuel, WYG chaplain for Cuba, and told him everything. Samuel immediately called Pastor Joel Labrador, SDA Mission Vice President for Pinar del Rio. “Pastor Joel,” said Samuel, “we have big problems in Mantua.” He told him everything that had transpired. “You must go as soon as possible to Mantua! You must not delay. You cannot delegate this to anyone else; you must go yourself and see if anything can be done. You must speak with the officials in that city.”

Pastor Samuel felt it would be unwise to broadcast what was happening but knew he needed people praying. Being very careful, he called a few people who he knew would go right to their knees, telling them confidentially how serious this was, and urging them to pray that the Lord would fight for the group. The Weimar group and our mission team in Mantua also dedicated their time to pray.

The next morning, Pastor Joel arrived in the city of Mantua. At the same time he arrived at the government office, an Inspector of higher government rank also walked in the building. The Inspector had been called in by the local officials to solve the problem, stop the preaching and remove these people from their city.

The Inspector looked closely at Pastor Joel walking in with him and blurted out, “I know you.” Pastor Joel, not recognizing him, asked, “How do you know me? I don’t think I know you.”

The Inspector persisted, “Yes, I’m sure I know you. I recognize your voice and I recognize your face.”

Pastor Joel still could not remember him. “Ahhh…Many years ago,” said the Inspector, “you rented a large house with many people occupying every room to hold meetings. There was only one room in that large house that you did not rent. That is because I had that room reserved for my daughter’s 15th birthday celebration and our family stayed in that room while you were holding the meetings in the gathering room. I have a picture of you with my daughter. Yes, I remember you perfectly.”

The Inspector continued, “You were teaching a seminar in the main room of that house. I listened from my room carefully to know if you were speaking anything against our government. Every day you were speaking on how to have a better marriage, a happy family, and stronger relationships. I had never heard anything like what you were teaching. I became very interested in what you were saying. I was stunned at the wisdom that you were sharing. I began cherishing every word. I have kept what you taught in my heart to this day and have practiced all of these concepts in my home and relationships. What you taught me changed my life. If this group in Mantua that I have been called to remove are your people, there will be no removal of these people. There will be no trouble here. I will solve everything. Please, go forward with your meetings. I will call back to the government headquarters myself and tell them everything is fine.”

“When you walked into this office beside me today, I didn’t yet know who you were, but I suddenly felt alive like I’ve never felt. I wondered why and looked at you and recognized who you were. I’m really sorry for the trouble. Please, I want you to continue to preach these important meetings. We know you don’t preach in any compromised way and you say only what is true. What you preach and what you bring to our people in Cuba is what they need. We are grateful because the work you are doing changes lives and makes safer and better our cities. We have many people living in ignorance, violence, vice, and evil.”

He went on, “From now on, the only reason I am here is to protect you, that you may not only do this kind of work and not have any trouble from us, but that you can preach in a greater way and finish these meetings well. The church has many good pastors, but your people know how to find broken people, ignorant people, violent and bad people in our cities and change them by your strong preaching. Please go forward. My only request, however, is that you must preach even more strongly than you are. You must preach very well this news and change this city.”

I wish you could’ve been there for the tears of joy and rejoicing as the mission team received the news. The Weimar and WYG mission team said, “It was as if the stories and promises of Scriptures came alive before us and were unfolding in front of us. God is fighting for His people. God is defending His people; God has turned an impossible thing into a victory. Like in the days of Jehoshaphat, the Lord God Almighty has delivered His people!”

“You shall not need to fight in this battle… Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord… For the Lord will be with you… praise the Lord; for His mercy endures forever…The Lord fought against the enemies of Israel” (excerpts from 2 Chronicles 20).

Henry & Arleen Stubbs oversee World Youth Group, Inc, a ministry which is currently reaching 44 cities in Cuba with Bible workers and health evangelism. There are yet 500 cities left to reach. You can learn more about their ministry here: www.worldyouthgroup.org

To download this weeks prayer requests, click here!

World Church Prayer Requests

July 28 – August 4, 2019

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray that God would continue to open even more doors for the gospel work to go forward in Cuba.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the Adventist Seminary in Havana, that it would be a true training ground for dedicated pastors and missionaries.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the pastors of Cuba to be strengthened for their work, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray for provision for their physical needs. Many live on a mere $25 dollars a month. Life is very difficult.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the World Youth Group Inc., an organization currently reaching 44 cities in Cuba with Bible workers and health evangelism. Pray that God would send laborers for the 500 cities left to reach.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the far northern country of Iceland, that the Holy Spirit would melt the hearts of the residents of this tiny country.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for a special youth prayer initiative being organized by Generation of Youth for Christ, that will take place across Iceland, August 8-18, 2019. The plan is to knock on every door in Reykjavik and pray with people as GLOW tracts are shared.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the young people who will be part of this special prayer emphasis across the country of Iceland. Pray for surrendered hearts, and that the Holy Spirit will work and open many doors.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for HOPE Channel in Iceland as it seeks to get off the ground and share resources that point people to Jesus.

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