My Incredible Miracle

My Incredible Miracle

By a Waldensian Student

When I found out that I’d be a Waldensian student in a veiled country, I prayed for my future classmates.

On the first day of school, I made a friend named Mariam.* As time passed, Mariam became my closest friend at the university. She even said that I was like a sister to her. One weekend, Mariam invited me to her house. Little did I know that I was about to experience an incredible miracle.

For four days, I became a part of Mariam’s family. One night, Mariam and I were in her room, and we had a wonderful conversation about faith. “Mariam, would you like to read these stories in your own Bible?” I asked. Surprised, she answered, “Yes!” I then gave her a Bible in her own language.

Later that night, I left the room and when I returned, she wasn’t there. The Bible wasn’t there either. I was so worried. After a few minutes, Mariam appeared and told me that she showed the Bible to her parents. Now I was really worried and thought to myself, I won’t be sleeping in this house tonight! It’s typically not safe to share Bibles here. To my relief, she told me that they were happy for her and thankful for the gift. I was overjoyed, and I praised God silently. What an incredible miracle and answer to prayer!

Please keep praying for us, that God will continue to lead and open more doors and that these beautiful people can come to know Jesus.

*All names have been changed in this testimony shared by Global Mission. The Waldensian Student initiative is a frontline mission approach in which Seventh-day Adventist students live, study, and serve in secular universities in veiled countries.

World Church Prayer Requests

January 8 - 14, 2021

• Please pray for the United States, that God will lead and overrule in the ongoing political tensions, and that He will work all things together for good and for His glory.

• Pray for God’s special blessing during this Ten Days of Prayer that is taking place January 6-16, 2021. If ever there was a time we should be seeking genuine revival, it is now.

• Please pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are told, “When the church awakes to the sense of her holy calling, many more fervent and effective prayers will ascend to heaven for the Holy Spirit to point out the work and duty of God’s people regarding the salvation of souls” (1 Selected Messages, p. 116).

• Please pray for the many Waldensian Students working in frontline missions. Pray that many more will join this special work.

• Please pray for the ministry of Adventist World Radio, and for the cell phone evangelism that is reaching tens of thousands. Pray that we will learn how to utilize the different avenues of influence that God has placed in our hands.

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