My Singing Miracle

My Singing Miracle

By Laura Williams

As I travel around giving concerts, I have recognized more and more my need of Christ’s strength. In fact, lately God has been teaching me about my need of prayer each time I sing. One of those lessons is the importance of praying for specifics.

Each time I sing, I pray about every aspect of performing the songs—that I will have enough breath for the longer notes; that I will remember all the words; that the sound system will work properly; that my voice will have enough strength and that I will sing with lots of expression so that the message of the song will really reach each person listening. I go through the song and tell God where all the hardest parts are and ask for extra help with those parts. God answers each specific I pray for and never fails.

I arrived in Minnesota last week to sing for an evangelistic series. The first two nights were not very good in my opinion. No one else seemed to notice though. I believe that sometimes what I hear and what others hear are very different because God works despite how badly I feel I do.

Anyway, the first two nights, my voice was extremely weak. I felt like I could barely sing even though during practice I was fine. I also had no expression. I left both nights of the meetings discouraged and wondering what was going on. I was praying! I prayed about the specifics!

The next night I sat getting ready for the appeal song. It was a hard song. I was really nervous about it. I started praying and suddenly it hit me like a brick!! Yes! I had been praying specifically but there were two things I had completely forgotten to pray about for the last two nights! I covered everything else but I had forgotten to pray for strength in my voice and expression! I immediately started praying for those two things and then got up to sing.

My voice was back! I had no problems at all and afterwards people told me how deeply the message of the song impacted them.

The next night I had a song that needed extreme strength and power. I asked God for an extra dose of strength in my voice for this song. As I sang my voice came out so strong that it didn’t even feel like it was coming from me! It was just there. Effortlessly. In my head I was thinking, “Where is this coming from?” Then I thought, “Oh, I know! And it’s not me!”

Immediately after the pastor came up and said, “Girl, where did that strength come from? I've never heard you sing that strong before!” I said, “Yeah, neither have I!”

The point of the story is, God is good! All the time! You can trust Him with every aspect of your life and pray for specifics because He cares about even the little things!

Laura Williams is a recording artist and singer, seeking to dedicate all her talents to God’s service. She and her husband are from Washington but work in music ministry wherever God calls. You can learn more about their ministry by visiting:

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World Church Prayer Requests

September 2-9, 2018

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for our church members who are suffering in the wake of recent natural disasters – whether earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, fires, or other. Pray for God’s peace even in the midst of these storms of life.

PRAYER REQUEST: General Conference staff, partnering with AMEN (Adventist Medical Evangelism Network), are planning a special health clinic for the Silver Spring, Maryland community. Please pray for the volunteers, physicians, and clients who will participate in the health clinic on October 7th.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Adventist Life Hope Centers around the world. Centers include Zionland in São Paulo, Brazil; the Banquet Table in Ruse, Bulgaria; the All Generations Center in Taipei, Taiwan; and the Happy Hand in Copenhagen, Denmark.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that God will help us know how to effectively reach our loved ones, neighbors, and community with the good news of Christ’s soon coming.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the needs of your own family, and especially for more unity in our families—because as goes the family, so goes the church. September 2-8 is officially designated “Family Togetherness” week. To learn more, read the 2018 Family Plan book produced by the Family Ministries of the General Conference:

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