Prayer Movement Grows from Ellen White Vault

Prayer Movement Grows from Ellen White Vault

By Carolyn Parkinson

[Editors note: Recognizing that we live in a great controversy between good and evil, and that true prayer is a battle, the term “war room” in this testimony simply refers to a personal prayer closet or prayer room where an individual or small prayer group can gather together to pray earnestly for the salvation of loved ones, for reconciliation of relationships, and for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.]

It was September 2016 and I longed to do something for God. I wasn’t sure where to begin or what He wanted me to do, but I was willing.

Although I am a 5th generation Adventist, up until this time, I had never worked for the Church in any official capacity. I had worked in various other Christian organizations including managing a Christian radio Station and working in Christian schools. However, I longed to do more for God and His Church.

At the time, I lived in a rural area in New South Whales Australia, which in many ways is very isolated from the world of Adventism. As the longing to work for the Church increased, God put it on my heart that I needed to relocate. As I prayed, I asked God to put me in a place where I could make a big difference for Him. I claimed many promises in the Bible and then I waited. I did not have to wait long!

Within 24 hours God began to move! I received an email invitation to come work at Avondale College (7 hours away). They had the perfect job waiting for me. I just needed to apply. As I applied for this position, a great job for my husband opened up in a location not far away. My husband was a self-employed builder and had not been to a job interview for over 30 years, but he got the job! It was very clear that God was leading.

So we packed our bags and moved to Avondale. From the very beginning I loved my new job at the E.G. White Research Centre at Avondale College. At the Centre, students come and research many things, including learning more about Ellen White. We also have a vault there with many of Ellen White’s letters.

Since I have a passion to reach young people, I began to pray, “How can I reach young people and let them know how precious they are to Jesus and the Church?”

After praying this prayer for several days, I woke up one morning and thought to myself, “The answer is prayer! There is only one thing I can do and that is pray.” Then I felt the

impression of the Holy Spirit. “Put a War Room in the vault.” So this is exactly what I did.

I created a “War Room” (prayer room) inside the “The Vault” at the E.G. White Research Centre and then filmed a very short video, posting it on Facebook. This was meant to show our young people that they are precious to us as a “Church,” and as Ellen White gives us a history of our past, the young people are our future.

I was not prepared for how God would help a simple three minute video on Facebook go viral and turn into a global prayer ministry. Nor did I expect that the video would reach 75 countries, and that the number of “War Rooms” around the world would reach 100 within a year. That number continues to rise.

We now have “War Rooms” in churches, schools, women’s ministries groups, church plants, conference offices, and beyond. God’s people are praying and as a result God is answering. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about the “War Rooms” we have even set up inside maximum-security prisons in Kenya. Prayer is changing the life of the prisoners.

We recently learned of two cafes that both feature “War Rooms.” This has proven to be a fantastic witnessing tool for the Adventist owner to share Jesus. Many lives have been changed—some have already requested baptism and are joining the Church as a result of these prayer rooms. I just praise the Lord for what He is doing. The “War Room” has really turned into a “Victory Room,” for when God’s people pray, He answers!

Carolyn Parkinson is Administration Assistant at the Ellen G. White Research Centre & Sunnyside Historic Home, Avondale, Australia. To learn more about the “War Room” at Avondale click here, or to set up your own “War Room” complete with the Narrow Way painting of Ellen White’s vision, click here. You can also follow their story on the Facebook page: “Prayer Room to Victory Room.”

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World Church Prayer Requests

From the Desk of Ted N.C. Wilson

October 6 - 13, 2019

PRAYER REQUEST: As we approach another Annual Council session of meetings, please pray for increased sense of urgency and realization by Church leaders and members that we are living at the end of time and that Jesus is coming soon.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for worldwide unity in every church and entity based on respect for God’s Word, humble prayer, the Holy Spirit’s power, and respect for accepted Church policy/process as we submit to God's leading in the process of the Church to make commonly-agreed upon decisions.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for full engagement in the mission of the Church in proclaiming the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 and the fourth angel of Revelation 18.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that we can use every appropriate social media format to share the three angels’ messages in creative and fresh approaches to the busy people of today.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for tremendous increase in support and spiritual emphasis for Seventh-day Adventist young people who attend school on public campuses so they become vibrant missionaries serving others at public universities and colleges worldwide.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for increased emphasis on small group outreach so that all members are participating in personal witnessing to proclaim God’s great truth in these last days of history.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that God will bring to the forefront godly, teachable and humble leaders for the future who will provide Christ-centered leadership as His Church fulfills its heaven-born mandate to the world.

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