Praying for Courage to go Door to Door - by Susy Solomon

Praying for Strength to go Door-to-Door!

By Susy Solomon

Going door-to-door and witnessing has never been easy for me. I keep praying that God will use me and give me courage to share for Him and I believe God is answering my prayers!

For the past five weeks, my friends and I have invited people to evangelistic meetings we are having at our church. We also have gone out on Sabbath, sharing books like Steps to Christ, The Great Controversy and health books. As we have done this, we have felt God’s power giving us boldness. We know this is a direct answer to prayer.

One particular Sabbath, feeling even more eager for God’s blessing, we fasted and prayed that God would send His Holy Spirit and give us strength to witness. We also prayed that He would lead us to just the right people that needed our materials. That day as we went out, I felt a freedom to speak and greet people like I hadn’t felt previously. I smiled freely as I offered the books and determined that no matter who answered the door, I would offer them a book. Even a Muslim woman accepted one of our books.

What was most encouraging was seeing how God led us to just the right people. One man had actually been praying and asking God to give him something to read, and then we showed up with a book. Others started reading our materials on the spot. One lady shared that she had just lost her daughter and was grieving. As a result, we had the opportunity to share hope with her and pray for her.

While we don’t know exactly what will happen as a result of our efforts, we know God is working. And we rejoice that He is answering our prayers and taking away our fear. He wants all to be saved. He left heaven for us. Can’t we leave the comfort of our homes to go out on the street for Him?

While Susy Solomon is a Registered Nurse working in the outskirts of Washington D.C., her first love is helping people prepare for Jesus Second coming.

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World Church Prayer Request

May 28 – June 4, 2017

  • PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the staff at a SDA run Health Center in Eldoret Kenya, which one community has built to do health evangelism. The biggest need right now is for more health workers. Please pray that God will provide.
  • PRAYER REQUEST: As the refugee crisis continues, please pray that people may be found in North American and Australian cities who are willing to learn how to reach resettled refugees from different faith backgrounds. Pray especially for volunteers to help reach refugees in cities where the most refugees have been resettled to—places like Houston, Atlanta and Toronto.
  • PRAYER REQUEST: The Arizona Sonshine 2017 Healthcare Event is coming up in Prescott Valley, AZ on June 15 & 16. Please pray for the volunteers, for attendees, and for overall success. (To learn more visit:
  • PRAYER REQUEST: Many camp meetings are occurring across North America this summer. Please pray that God will bless these meetings and that church members will be inspired to greater service for the Kingdom.
  • PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the many Adventist young people that have just graduated, or are graduating this Spring. Pray that God will help them make the right decisions for their future.

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