Though I Walk thru the Valley

Though I Walk Through the Valley

By Jill Simpson-Abrahantes

A few years ago, I got married, looking forward to happily ever after. Soon after marriage, I discovered that my husband was battling with severe depression. In time he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and marriage became more and more difficult. It wasn’t long and we began to struggle financially because my husband wasn’t able to hold down a job.

In the midst of all this, our son Josiah was born, and within a few weeks came down with meningitis, battling for his life at Children's Hospital. I already had two children from a previous relationship, and it was difficult to be away from them while I cared for Josiah.

I prayed a lot, telling God that it didn't matter what we faced. I just wanted to be able to bring baby Josiah home. God answered my prayer and a month later Josiah was discharged from the hospital. He left with the diagnosis of extensive brain damage and epilepsy, however.

Over the next six months, as I was facing the daunting reality of learning to care for a son with special needs, my husband’s depression issues worsened. Then Josiah started having a rare seizure disorder called infantile spasms. As a result, I had to spend a lot of time with him back in the hospital.

My husband gave up on life and began falling back into old coping habits, trying to cover his pain. His actions were devastating to our marriage; we ended up separating. Six months later, he ended his life and I was left to raise the children on my own.

Yet, even in this dark valley, I discovered that I was not alone, and that God would be my husband.

Many prayed for me during those difficult months, including the Let’s Pray team at Hope Channel. I had specifically prayed for a home in the country. God answered these prayers in an amazing way and provided a fixer-upper home in the country with 11 acres of land. People then began donating items to help with our new home. God also provided an income for me where I could work from home by making custom crocheted hats and personalized creations.

I wanted to bless others in the same way I had been blessed, so I began foster parenting. In answer to prayer, Josiah’s seizures stopped almost completely.

Today the miracles continue. Not long ago, I needed a new set of tires and God supplied $500 from an unexpected source. He is so good, and often answers prayers before I’ve had a chance to pray!

Although the journey has not been easy, God has helped me grow through these trials. I’ve become stronger as a result. That’s why I share, and I pray that my testimony will encourage others to hold on to Him, because no matter what storms we face, He will never leave us to walk alone. He is faithful!

Jill Simpson-Abrahantes writes from Toccoa, GA. To read more from Jill’s testimony visit:

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June 18 - 25, 2017

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