Twin Surprises in Finland

Twin Surprises in Finland

By Andrew McChesney

Simo Vehkavuori, a young literature evangelist in Finland, got a surprise as he went house to house in Lapland. When he rang the doorbell at one house, a woman opened the door and, seeing him outside, exclaimed, “I want to order that set of 10 Bible stories from you!” Simo didn’t even have time to tell her that he was selling books, much less mention that he had Arthur Maxwell’s set of 10 Bible Story books for children.

“You might be surprised why I’m ordering the books so quickly from you,” the woman said. “During the night, God gave me a dream, and in the dream He showed your face and said, ‘This man will come to your house. Order from him a 10-volume set of Bible Story books.’ That’s why I was ready to order right away.”

Another time, Simo stopped by a local business and offered the owner a copy of Ellen White’s The Great Controversy. “We don’t understand anything about this book,” the owner said. “But our daughter is the principal of a religious school. She will be here tomorrow. Can you come back?”

Simo told his twin brother, who was selling books with him in the town, about the appointment. “Please pray,” he said.

When Simo returned to the business, the owner introduced him to his daughter. The woman exploded in anger when she learned that Simo was a Seventh-day Adventist, and she harshly criticized the Adventist Church.

When she finished, he asked for permission to speak. “Dear principal,” he said, “You cannot imagine what a great God we serve in the Adventist Church! I want to follow the God whom we serve wherever He leads. “

The woman looked surprised. “Young man, if God means so much to you,” she paused and turned to her mother, “Mother, can you give me some money? I want to buy all the books that this young man has.”

Simo prayed with the woman and her parents. Returning to the room where he was staying with his brother, he found his brother on his knees. He excitedly told his brother about God’s miraculous intervention. “Truly God is behind His work,” Simo said.

Andrew McChesney is editor of Adventist Mission. To read more amazing testimonies, visit: Adventist Mission

World Church Prayer Requests

January 14 - 20, 2022

  • Pray for those whose lives have been impacted by the 10 Days of Prayer this year. Pray that the spiritual revival that is starting in many churches will continue.
  • Pray that many will continue to join the 24/7 United Prayer “Boiler Room” zoom calls going on at: God is awaking His people all around the world!
  • Pray for the Tujia people. Of the 9,824,000 in this Chinese people group, 1.1% are Christians. Join us in praying that more in this large group learn of how Jesus’ death overcame all evil.
  • Pray for God to send godly men and women into the government assemblies and that He will put a special hedge around those voices that are seeking to promote Biblical truth.

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