We Serve the Great Healer

We Serve the Great Healer

By a Pioneer Worker in Asia

We are a pioneer team serving in Province X. With God’s blessing, we went to a village and set up a house church. We are very blessed to have 35 people in our small church every Sabbath now. Recently, three new members were baptized. Praise the Lord! I would like to share one brother’s testimony with you. I will call him “Brother B” as our real names cannot be shared. We live in a difficult region of the world where sharing the gospel can be risky.

Brother B’s testimony:

I have believed in Jesus since 19 years of age. I went to church because my mother told me I would hear many great testimonies there. At the beginning of my Christian life, I felt very good to be a Christian. Jesus, the great Healer and Savior, had saved me from my sins. I told my friends, “I am a Christian.” I was so proud of myself.

Some years later, I needed an annual physical check-up to report to my company. I wasn’t concerned because I was young and healthy—or so I thought. When the doctor told me that there was something wrong with my liver, I was shocked! He checked again and again. Unfortunately, he found cancer in my liver.

“Liver cancer? How could I have this?” I was stressed. I could not believe it was true. I consulted four other doctors. They all told me the same thing and they predicted that I would probably die within two months. When they encouraged me to get treatment that would cost $250,000 USD, I asked them if it would heal me. They remained silent so I chose not to get the treatment.

My mother and wife cried for me every day. When they cried, I felt guilty because of the pain they were going through. The Holy Spirit reminded me to comfort my mother. “Why do you cry every day? Why don’t you pray to Jesus?” I asked her. My mother remembered her Christian beliefs when she heard my words. “Yes! We have Jesus, the greatest Healer in the universe! How could I forget Him? We have to pray NOW!”

Then, we found a group of Christians worshipping together at a small house church. I shared with them my situation and they prayed for me. The fellowship of this church was so powerful for me. I learned many things from the Bible and the kind church members gave me good advice. I changed my lifestyle and stopped eating foods I learned were unclean. I also attended a camp for health detoxification which removed toxins in my body through natural diet and regular exercise.

It is now six months later. I am still alive and can joyfully share my testimony! During the past six months, I have felt wonderful. In fact, I feel healthier than ever before! When I went to consult my doctor again at my sixth month check-up, the reports showed that my liver was back to normal!

I am thankful for my church members, especially the pioneer team that opened a house church. They encouraged me and led me back to Jesus so my life could be renewed. I do not think I would have this new life if I had not met Jesus and had my church family. Truly we serve the greatest Healer in the world!

Editor’s Note: This testimony is shared by a pioneer worker in an area of Asia where sharing about Christ is difficult and sometimes risky. Because of this, we will not be able to share his/her real names. However, please pray for the workers and new believers here, for God knows their names.

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World Church Prayer Requests

November 18 - 25, 2018

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that God would show us as a Church how to practically reflect His love, glory, and ministry of reconciliation to nations around us. Pray that He would give us ideas and ways to practically serve the communities around us, and that we would, like John the Baptist, decrease that He may increase.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the Life Hope Center in Vancouver, Canada. The Let’s Move Vancouver Center seeks to reach mind, body, and spirit through language classes, gardening for seniors, Bible studies for millennials, and more.

PRAYER REQUEST: Continue to pray for those who were baptized this past year in Tokyo, Japan. Please pray for a vegan café, a Life Hope Center in the Tokyo area, to successfully lead people to Jesus.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for Frankfurt, Germany. Pray that God will bless the ministry of Presence Kulturlounge where the community cooks together, watches movies, discusses art, builds relationships, and learns about Jesus.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the community of Ruse, Bulgaria. Ask God to bless the ministry of The Banquet Table, a bakery and Life Hope Center offering seminars, counseling services, a literature rack, concerts, and a playroom for children.

PRAYER REQUEST: Again, pray that God would show us how we might could create “Life Hope Centers” or “Centers of Influence” in our home churches and communities. Pray that as we do this, the world around us will see John 13:35 fulfilled in our lives as Seventh-day Adventist Christians: ‘By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

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