Whatever He promises, He will do!

Whatever He promises, He will do!

By Nhou Her

I have so many things to praise God for!

To give you a little background information, I am Hmong and I am the only Christian in my large family. I grew up with polygamous parents, and our religion is shamanism/animism. I was first introduced to Christianity as a refugee child through some young missionaries from Weimar College, who teamed up with the Southgate SDA Church and did outreach in my neighborhood in the early-mid 1990s.

I lost contact with these missionaries until my college years. My husband, Cheng, and I became good friends in college, and it was through him that I got reconnected with these missionaries again! Cheng had no idea that I once was a Bible study contact of his now youth Pastor. It was wonderful how the Lord orchestrated things!

Long story short, Cheng and I got married, I was baptized, and we began serving the Lord since then. I have always believed that God has called me into His marvelous light so that I might shine that light to those still in darkness.

In January 2020, while attending GYC (a revival and mission conference for young adult Seventh-day Adventists) in Louisville, Kentucky, I made a commitment to pray daily for seven individuals. I picked seven family members of mine. I started praying and God began working on their hearts.

I am so happy to report that these seven individuals have been most receptive to spiritual things! And it is amazing what prayers can do!

One of them is my father. He was always strict and very loyal to his Shaman religion. But his heart has been softened by the Holy Spirit to the point where he asked me for prayers and even allowed me to pray for him personally! My stepmom passed away recently, and God gave me a window of opportunity to share the blessed hope with him.

My stepmom was another individual I prayed for. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer and is now sleeping, but I got to share about God's love with her, pray for and with her. I even had the opportunity to read the Hmong Bible to her in her darkest hours at the hospital as she waited for her biopsy. It was wonderful to hear her say that her hope was in God.

I also prayed for my mom. It's not easy to be the first wife in a polygamous relationship. I knew that unless she knows God, she would be miserable. I visited her a couple of times this year, and I could see how much joy she now has. She shared that she's been listening to Hmong Christian music and started listening to a Hmong Pastor preach on YouTube. She told me how God answered her specific prayer on one occasion, and it really showed her God's power.

Two of my younger sisters that I prayed for also became interested in Bible studies! They requested we study Genesis because they wanted to know how everything began, so we did. We studied for three weeks and it was such a joy to have the honor of leading my sisters to Christ in His Word. God also opened the door for me to do some medical missionary work for them as well.

The other sister I prayed for started asking for prayers for peace of mind. God gave me many opportunities to minister to her.

I also prayed for a younger brother. He loves to sing. One day, he messaged me on Facebook asking if I know of any church choir he could join. After praying about it, I connected him with the Sacramento Central SDA Young Adult Choir. They were excited and reached out to him, but he has not had the chance to practice yet due to COVID-19 arising.

Two weeks ago, I sensed the Holy Spirit nudging me, so I asked my brother if he wanted to have Bible studies and he said YES! I'm so happy to report that we completed three studies with him! We also got him a brand-new Bible and he was very happy. He is open and searching. He loves music so we would teach him a Christian song at each session.

God is so good, friends!

He is so faithful to His Word!

Whatever He promises, He will do!

Nhou Her has been married to Cheng Vang for 15 years, and together they have served the Adventist Hmong Church plant in Sacramento/Oroville, CA since 2005. Currently, they work closely with various ministries to reach the Hmong people in the North American Division and overseas through church planting, literature translation, and media production.

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World Church Prayer Requests

July 17-23, 2020

  • Pray for Adventist schools and their teachers all around the world as they are trying to see how to best start the new school year during the pandemic.
  • Pray for a daycare and community center operating in Bad Aibling, Germany. It is one of several Adventist daycare and family centers around Germany. Please ask God to bless this ministry and pour His love into staff and children alike.
  • Pray for the Ramses Sudanese Seventh-day Adventist church, the Nile Union Academy, and the ministry of the Adventist church in Egypt.
  • Pray for the work in Vaughan, Canada. A breakthrough is needed. Members have studied and shared Christ with many in the community but many are reluctant to make a decision for Christ. Please pray that they will listen to the Holy Spirit’s call.

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