Your People are Different from My People!

Your People are Different from My People!

By Marcia McEdward

[Author’s note: The story below is about a family from one of the closed countries of MENA. They come from a majority non-Christian religion, but are experiencing God’s power in prayer. Names are changed for security.]

“Remember what we learned with our friends, Mom?” Kara gently prodded her mother, “Why don’t you pray?” Kara’s mom was waiting with her two daughters in the airport while a feeling of anger began building inside. Her youngest daughter knew how to push her buttons and she was at it again. But this time, instead of reacting in anger, she responded quickly to Kara’s suggestion and stopped to say a prayer. Immediately, she experienced a change of heart and a soft, subdued attitude replaced her anger. “What a miracle, she thought to herself!”

Kara and her family had just finished 20 days of an unusual vacation within a MENA country. Kara and her younger sister had the summer out of school and this afforded time to meet and travel in a different country away from home, the country where Kara had first met one of our workers. The worker had invited Kara to come back for a visit, so during their vacation, mother joined Kara and her sister as they stayed in our worker’s home. They joined in worship with the group, and spent many hours talking, eating, and visiting with Kara’s new friends. As Kara’s friends were praying, her mother decided to talk to God too, and when her prayers began to be answered, she started paying closer attention. Both mother and younger sister experienced personal answers to prayers that were miraculous for them, such as God providing airfare for their return flight home. She was amazed at God’s care for them, even in the small details they asked God to help with.

Kara’s mother told our worker, “I’ve learned so much… from vegetarian cooking, to health remedies, to a better way of living, but especially about prayer!” As she talked, she shared that she used to only pray for the big problems in life, since she thought God was far away, but now she realized that she can pray for even the small details in her life, even praying before eating. She said, “Your people are different from my people…my people believe in God but our hearts are empty, but your people have God in their hearts. They show God’s love. I have heard about you and your people from my daughter, but now I have seen and experienced it for myself! I will share all that I have learned with my husband and relatives when I get home!”

Later the worker who invited Kara and her family for the visit shared this testimony with our team. “It is a great blessing, above and beyond my imagination. In fact, if God brought me here just for this one family, it’s worth it. Praise the Lord! What a privilege to be co-laborers with Him!”

Please pray for Kara and her family who are experiencing a fresh, growing faith in God and His love! Pray also for this worker and the many others like her who seek to share the love of Jesus into the communities around the MENA territory.

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World Church Prayer Requests

October 14-21, 2018

PRAYER REQUEST: Please continue to pray for the Annual Council leadership meetings that are currently in progress. All the leaders of the world church are gathering together from around the world to plan, pray, and make important decisions for this coming year and beyond. Pray especially for the Holy Spirit to guide the meetings and the agenda.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please continue to pray for wisdom and clarity for the Annual Council Executive committee as they discuss sensitive issues on the agenda. Pray for patience, love, and a Christ like spirit to be felt in all the meetings, and that God will be glorified in every discussion and decision made.

PRAYER REQUEST: Many inspiring mission reports from the world field will be shared during Annual Council as well as new plans for expansion and growth. Pray that everyone who attends the meetings will go home with a fresh vision and fresh passion for mission.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please continue to pray for the territories like MENA, where there are yet many un-entered territories, and sharing is not always easy. Pray for angels to go ahead of our workers and to give dreams and visions to the people when needed to assist the work.

PRAYER REQUEST: October 19–21 is Global Public Campus Ministries Weekend at the General Conference. Please pray for campus ministries everywhere. (For more information about the weekend, visit:

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