Experiencing God's Word

Experiencing God’s Word

(Wondering how to journal and go deeper in God's Word? We hope the following pointers are helpful! For downloadable document or bookmarks, click the links below!)

1. Prayerfully open God’s Word with a teachable heart.

2. Read a Bible passage several times, allowing Scripture to interpret itself.

3. Circle and highlight key words, themes or phrases.

4. Highlight promises, and words of encouragement.

5. Meditate on the passage and verses that speak to you.

6. Ask questions like:

• What is the message of this passage?

• What is the context surrounding the passage?

• What is God saying to me in this passage?

• What commands, instructions, and life principles are found here?

• What changes should I ask God to make in my life to align with this Scripture?

• What do I learn about God’s character in this passage?

• How does this passage lead me to Jesus?

• How do I see the Great Controversy played out?

7. Pray the Bible passage verse-by-verse, personalizing it to your own life.

8. As you pray, listen to what the Holy Spirit shows you.

9. Journal the special insights God gives you.

10. Journal a prayer of worship, including praise, confession, thanksgiving, and surrender to God in response.

11. Write out your specific prayer requests, along with Bible promises to claim for those requests. Record any answers to prayer you receive. (These prayer promise cards give you an idea!)

12. Journal a summary thought that you could share with someone today.

Additional Ideas for Deepening Your Bible Study:

• Ask “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How” questions.

• Read the Bible passage in different Bible translations.

• Look up cross-references and parallel passages.

• Look up key words in Greek or Hebrew or use a Study Bible that explains key words.

• Read Ellen G. White’s comments on the passage.

• Consult trustworthy Bible commentaries.

Created by the GC Ministerial Department in cooperation with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives Sept. 2019. Contributors were Melody Mason, Frank Hasel, Jerry Page, and Jonathan Walter.

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If you'd like to learn how to get more out of your daily Bible study, we believe you will find the following tips helpful! This will not only help you think about what you read in a deeper way, but will also give you pointers for journaling! For downloadable document or bookmarks, click the links at the end of the resource.